Dekorativní stěrky - materiál a barvy

Original and unparalleled patterns

Every floor has an original design. Choose from a color palette of 20 basic color shades. Other colors are available for an extra fee.

Screed flooring is jointless, looks exclusive, and compared to normal pavement, it is more pleasant to walk on barefoot since it does not get cold.

Czech quality and technical benefits

Screed flooring that we work with is of Czech origin with its own development. Easy handling without unnecessary waste is its advantage. The material does not shrink and its easy to maintain and clean.

You may choose from epoxy, polyurethane and metallic 3D screeds. These materials are characterized by their excellent thermal conductivity.

Dekorativní stěrky - materiál a barvy

Color palette and design patterns

Let your dreams come true. In addition to different color shades, the exclusive metallic or marble floorings can be designed in a single color. We create the marble effect with a special spray.

Material properties

The epoxy screed ORIGINAL is robust, durable and very resistant, both chemically and mechanically. It is not UV stabilized. This combination of properties makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as commercial premises, bathrooms and sanitary rooms.

The polyurethane screed FLEXI is unique for its high elasticity, quite footstep noise and UV stabilization. Its surface is pleasant to the touch. It is installed in normal-traffic residential areas.

The metallic 3D screed EXCLUSIVE is a perfect choice if you are looking for a luxury design. Similarly to the epoxy screed, the metallic variant is both chemically and mechanically resistant, robust and durable. Thanks to UV stabilization, it is not only suitable for residential areas, but also commercial premises (luxury stores, shops, bars, showrooms, etc.).

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